Dining Set- 6002 WF

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GTDN-6002 ,WTDN-6002,WCDI-0002

Dining Set- 6002 WF


Dining Chair 0002 WF MG-01 Love,Q-6-    14,200*6=85200

Glass Top 6002 WF CO-081,Q1- 14,900

Six Seated Dining Table 6002 WF MG-01 Love1 ,Q-  53,100

SST 7-21 business days

Dining Set- 6002 WF

Dining Set- 6002 WF

Model:GTDN-6002 ,WTDN-6002,WCDI-0002

SST 7-21 business days


•  Made from Treated & Seasoned (KILN Dried) Local Mahagony Wood
•  Environment Friendly High Quality European UV (Ultra Violet) Lacquer Finished
•  Imported High Quality Rust Free Hardware Fittings
•  High quality imported Fabric

Care Instructions:

•  Always use coasters or mats while keeping hot, cold or wet materials on the surface else this can    affect the polish.

•  Any spillage should be wiped dry with a soft cloth immediately as there is a chance of staining.

•  For an ageless look of the product, we recommend a 6 monthly wax rub-down for solid-wood   furniture.

•  Colour / polish can fade due to prolonged exposure to sunlight.

•  All fabrics snag easily and can be damaged by sharp edged toys, buckles, jewellery and domestic pets.Snags, when they do occur, should be trimmed using scissors. Under no circumstances should you attempt to pull it out.

•  Direct sunlight over a prolonged period of time can cause fading and/or deterioration of fabric. Whenplanning your room, arrange your furniture so that it is protected from sunlight. 

•  Clean your upholstery at least once a week with a soft brush or vacuum cleaner as accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull the colours. It is advisable to have your furniture cleaned regularly by professional upholstery cleaner as different fibres and fabric constructions require special treatment.

•  Strictly avoid using bleach when washing your upholstery.

•  Severe spills and stains should only be removed by professional upholstery cleaners.

 Warranty Terms:

The product comes with a 12 Months manufacturing warranty.

 What is not covered under this warranty?

•  Damage due to misuse, tampering, abuse, fire, natural calamity. scratches, rips etc.

•  Negligence, unauthorized usage

•  Shifting of Furniture without dismantling it.

Returns and cancellation:

For any return & cancellation requests, please write to us at: [email protected]


•  Product delivery duration may vary due to product availability in stock.

•  The company has the right to rework/repair/replace only defective part of the product in case of warranty issue.

•  The colour of the physical product may slightly vary due to the deviation of lighting sources, photography or your device display settings.

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